Our Unique Mission

Unique Sweets provides opportunities for individuals with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities to develop job skills, socialize and expand their skills across family, community, and professional worlds.

Through participation in baking events, virtual cooking classes, social outings, and peer support groups, Unique Sweets provides opportunities to develop skills needed to promote independence, achieve employment, and provide a creative outlet while cultivating meaningful relationships.


We’re Unique Sweets, an Chicago Non Profit, and we knead your help! Our Chicago-based non-profit seeks your support to bring our vision for a Community Café to life.

Your donation will go towards our goal of creating a multi-functional café where people with autism and other disabilities can obtain employment, job training, socialize and share their talents while serving delicious sweets and great coffee to the public. Our Community Café will be a safe, inclusive space where people with autism can be themselves and gain independence and confidence through community and connection.

Other Ways You Can Support

Explore the many ways you can contribute and support Unique Sweets work towards our mission and to help us achieve our vision.

Community Cafe will be a centralized community center to provide a safe space for autistics and their families. We envision a welcoming environment where everyone can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and pastry.

Join us!


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