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We recognize time is the most important thing someone can give and we don’t take that for granted.


Participants – Be one of US!

As an Autistic individual over the age of 16, your involvement in Unique Sweets is not just participation; it’s an opportunity for personal growth, social interaction, and skill development. Engaging in our events, especially in our baking activities, offers a unique platform to nurture and showcase your talents, build self-confidence, and foster meaningful relationships. Volunteering your time is an investment in your own development as well as in our shared mission to create an inclusive, supportive community. By stepping into the kitchen with us, you’re not only contributing to the delightful assortment of pastries we create, but also to the vibrant tapestry of our community. Please join us and experience the sweetness of collaboration, camaraderie, and culinary creativity by emailing us at

Together, we can bake a difference, one treat at a time.


A remarkable way to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Autistics and their families. We offer 3 distinct levels of Volunteer Opportunities.

  • Administrative Volunteers (ongoing commitment or one time) –  Assist with administrative tasks, mailings, technology, legal and volunteer management.
  • Program Volunteers (ongoing commitment):   Provide support in the kitchen, bake, provide training, assist with logistics.
  • Event Volunteer (one time):  Provide assistance at specific events.

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