Mission and Vision


Welcome to Unique Sweets, a nonprofit nestled in the heart of Chicago, where we’re dedicated to fostering a vibrant, inclusive community for autistic adults and their families. Our mission is to unearth and celebrate the unique talents of every individual through dynamic programs such as Community Pop-Up events, engaging Baking and Cooking classes, and delightful Community Outings, available both virtually and in-person. As we strive to deepen the sense of belonging, we are also raising funds to establish a community café, a warm, welcoming hub that will centralize our offerings and serve as a testament to our belief in the power of unity. Join us as we build a world where everyone’s sweetness is celebrated.

Our Mission

Unique Sweets provides opportunities for Autistics to develop and expand life skills, encourage socialization and self-confidence, and utilize their learned talents across family, community, and professional worlds while in a safe space.


Our Vision

Through participation in baking events, virtual cooking classes, social outings and peer support groups, Unique Sweets provides opportunities to develop skills needed to promote independence, succeed in employment and provide a creative outlet, while cultivating meaningful relationships.