About Unique Sweets


Unique Sweets is a vibrant collaboration of Autistics, people with disabilities, parents, volunteers, and grassroots organizations. United by the goal of fostering a supportive community, we are a testament to the transformative power of collective efforts and shared dreams.

Our mission goes beyond just baking delightful treats; it’s centered around equipping individuals with the essential life skills needed for independence, and promoting socialization. By making community resources accessible, we provide an avenue for everyone to explore their potential, thrive, and savor the sweetness of self-confidence and independence. Unique Sweets isn’t just a name; it’s a testament to the power of community, inclusivity, and the beauty of diversity.

What we do

Baking and Pop Ups
Through the sale of our baked goods, Unique Sweets provides a safe space for our participants to participate in life skills training.  While in the kitchen, we practice many of the skills that are needed in life.   Team members are provided with a stiped to cover their expenses to get to the kitchen.  Our baking program allows us to engage with a diverse group of people and engage it tasks that vary from event planning and purchasing supplies to baking, decorating, and packaging.

Cooking Classes
Life skills (Virtual or in-person) Peer-led cooking class that engages autistics in developing and delivering the class. Preparing menu. Providing an opportunity to shop and purchase ingredients while in.

Social Events
Socialization is a significant part of what we do.  Our social events are designed to foster interactions with others.  Throughout the year we host several holiday parties, Game Nights, and our annual Party With a Purpose.  Socializing, developing a support network, and peer relationships. Relationship building.

Community Support
An important skill for independence is the ability to navigate services and identify opportunities for support.  To this effect, Unique Sweets collaborates with other organizations, offering workshops, information sessions, and social events.  We are committed to fostering a more inclusive environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. To address the unique needs of each individual participant, Unique Sweets makes referrals to other programs and services as needed.

WHY we do it…

For young Autistics, transitioning from school to the first rites of independent adult life, including a first job and a home away from home, can be particularly challenging.

Autistic adults have far less success finding employment and participating in independent living than their peers with other types of disabilities.

Research and our LIVED EXPERIENCE suggest that autistic adults are at high risk of various physical and mental health conditions, including diabetes, depression, and heart disease. They are also about 2.5 times as likely as their neurotypical peers to die early. The reasons for these grim statistics may range from missed medical appointments and medication doses to a lifetime of social slights and discrimination.

*Social outcomes in adults with ASD have been documented through longitudinal follow-up studies and research examining the quality of life in adulthood. This research suggests that adults with ASD often experience social isolation (Orsmond, Krauss, & Seltzer, 2004), with approximately one-half to two-thirds of this population having no close friendships (Billstedt et al., 2007; Eaves & Ho, 2008; Howlin, Mawhood, & Rutter, 2000; Howlin, 2003; Howlin, Goode, Hutton, & Rutter, 2004; Liptak, Kennedy, & Dosa, 2011; Whitehouse, Watt, Line, & Bishop, 2009). When friendships do occur, they appear to be less close and supportive than in the general population (Baron-Cohen & Wheelwright, 2003). The rates for social participation in the community are also low.